Leading the way in sustainable solutions, our waste management company is dedicated to safeguarding the environment while efficiently managing waste for a cleaner, greener future.

Our Expertise in Waste Management Industry

With years of experience and comprehensive knowledge in waste management practices, our team of experts is equipped to handle even the most complex environmental challenges with efficiency and sustainability.

Export of High Quality SRF Materials

SRF stands for “Solid Recovered Fuel.” It is a type of fuel that is derived from non-recyclable waste materials through a process known as waste-to-energy (WtE) or refuse-derived fuel (RDF) production. SRF materials are typically generated from municipal solid waste (MSW), commercial and industrial waste, or other types of non-hazardous waste streams.

Rear view of workers sorting recyclable materials on conveyor belt in  waste management facility

Health and Safety

Health and safety in waste management is of paramount importance to protect the well-being of workers, the public, and the environment. The waste management industry deals with various types of waste, some of which can be hazardous or pose health risks if not managed properly.

Industry Training

Our waste management company prioritizes Industry Training for all employees, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle waste safely, efficiently, and in compliance with relevant regulations.

MRF Design

The Material Recovery Facility (MRF) efficiently processes and sorts recyclable materials from various waste streams, playing a crucial role in our waste management operations to maximize resource recovery and promote a more sustainable future.


Our Recycling Service is dedicated to providing convenient and eco-friendly solutions for waste diversion. We collect, process, and responsibly recycle a wide range of materials, contributing to reduced landfill waste and supporting the conservation of valuable resources.

Innovative Techniques

Waste management innovation lies at the heart of our company’s mission. Through cutting-edge technologies, data-driven solutions, and sustainable practices, we continuously strive to revolutionize the industry, creating more efficient, environmentally friendly, and socially responsible waste management processes.

Environmental Permitting

Environmental permitting refers to the legal process by which companies or individuals obtain permission from regulatory authorities to conduct activities that may have an impact on the environment. These permits are required to ensure that such activities are carried out in compliance with environmental regulations and standards to protect natural resources and public health.

Static and Mobile Plant Operations and Training

Static and mobile plant operations and training refer to the safe and efficient handling, operation, and management of stationary (static) and mobile industrial equipment used in various industries, such as construction, mining, manufacturing, and waste management. These plants and equipment may include crushers, concrete batching plants, excavators, loaders, cranes, forklifts, and more.

Government Compliance

Government compliance in waste management refers to the adherence of waste management practices, operations, and facilities to the laws, regulations, and guidelines set forth by the government or relevant regulatory authorities. The purpose of these compliance requirements is to protect public health, the environment, and ensure the proper handling, treatment, and disposal of waste materials.

The Meaning of our Logo

Together with our health and nature safety, we conceptualize the logo inline with the elements earth, wind, water, and fire. Because Basura International LTD cares for the environment.